Our values are what drive and defines us all. Everyone is individual, from different backgrounds or experiences but we are all aligned, right from the very start by our values. We are rigorous about who joins the team, we assess everyone against our core values before they start and throughout their career with us. These values reflect us all as individuals.

Our teams are constantly pushing themselves to grow, develop, and improve. Their driven natures and determination to do well helps them to walk away at the end of each day with pride in their work and their success.
Discipline is key to maintaining high levels of customer service. We cannot help every candidate nor fill every vacancy, so we play to our strengths to be the best and will always advise you if we are not the right choice to help you.
Competition is strong with DataX people! We enjoy good friendly competition, helping each other to improve and learn in fast-paced, challenging ways whilst also making sure we never leave someone behind. We understand that the best form of competition is with ourselves, trying to be better every single day.
Positive people are happier, more productive and have more fun at work, it’s a fact! Thinking positively is also proven to help you stay motivated and be a better team player, but we’re also realists and understand that there are many challenges when you are working in the people business. Positive to us means you try to find a solution for every challenge, not a challenge for every solution!
Our positivity feeds into resilience. When you are dealing with people, things don’t always go to plan! When a solution hasn’t worked, or a new challenge forces a change in approach, our consultants keep bouncing back. We don’t give up easily when our candidate or client are relying on us.
When you come to us for our expert knowledge and professional skills, we are determined to provide the solutions you need. You become our biggest priority and our work doesn’t end until our goals together are achieved.