Recruitment Solutions



When looking to attract thte best talent in your sector you want to work with a company that knows how to do just that. Our global network of data centre talent allows us to quickly and efficiently provide you with the best talent in the industry.


When you need niche skills, have a short term upturn in work, or require someone for a fixed time period you need to work with a company that can act quickly, operates to in-country compliance regulations, and has access to the required talent. Our global contract networks allows us to identify niche skills and to fill short term gaps with high level temporary candidates.


When searching for the best talent you want to partner with a recruitment company that understands and represents your organisation. Our exclusive offering allows us to fully focus on your requirement, understand your business, and deliver high level talent that match your company culture and the vacancy requirements.


By partnering with us we can offer a fully bespoke recruitment offering that matches your requirements, timeframes, and commercial needs. We act as an outsourced arm to your company to actively attract and pipeline the best talent in the market.



In an industry that moves as fast as the data centre sector it is essential to have fast and effective recruitment solutions. Whether you are opening a new facility or recruiting for a new project, we can offer a flexible and efficient solution. Supporting your internal stakeholders we offer a fully bespoke solution offering end to end recruitment processes to meet significant spikes in demand.


You only know what you already know. Our data centre market intelligence team can provide you with all the information you need when planning individual or bulk hires, or when moving into new territories. Need to know what package to offer to attract the best talent? Need a talent map for a new region or skillset? Want to know which companies retain the best talent? Our researchers can provide you with the information you need to make educated decisions that aid your organisations growth.


If you want to stay one step ahead of the competition you need to engage with passive talent and create brand awareness. Our talent communities allow us to build you a pipeline of talent and to continuously engage with this talent with your branded content. This talent community becomes your exclusive passive candidate pool that can be actively targeted when you have a requirement.


Whether you are establishing new recruitment processes or looking for external guidance our talent consultancy service can guide you. As standalone packages or as part of a larger recruitment offering we can provide services and outsourced assistance than can enhance process management & improvement, diversity & inclusion, employee retention, cost analysis, and talent attraction. We provide the knowledge to help move your organisation forward.


As specialists within the data centre sector we know how to attract, engage and recruit the best talent in the industry. We can lead and establish your entire talent acquisition lifecycle (contract and permanent) to ensure you are the go to employer for the leading talent. We work with your teams to develop and enhance your recruitment strategy. By utilising our access to leading recruitment technology you can gain a competitive edge in the war for talent.


Take control of your contractor and temporary workforce. Our MSP solution offers a streamlined and efficient process to improve efficiency and cost control within your contractor workforce. By working as your MSP partner we can manage external suppliers, ensure cost clarity, and deliver improved efficiencies.


We talk to the best talent in the industry every day. When you need to identify senior talent you should work with those embedded into the network of the sector for which you operate within. We know the best people and we can identify them quickly and attract them to your organisation, ensuring confidentiality and professionalism at all times.