Our Vision

At Highfield and DataX our vision is to become the most trusted recruitment business in our sectors. This doesn’t just mean being experts, knowledgeable in our niches, but to be transparent throughout the recruitment process; to both our clients and candidates. This means we will provide advice that is personal to each individual and helps to guide them to  exactly where they want to be.

Internally we continually talk about the trust equation.

This is how we measure trust and are constantly testing how we are doing by asking our customers to rate how much they trust us.

We ask our clients to rate us after every meeting we have with them.

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you trust the consultant, following your recent meeting? 10 is a “very high level of trust” and 1 is “no trust”. 

Current score: 9.5

What do we mean by Trust?

To us trust means we are:

Reliable- we always do what we say we will do

Credible- we are continually developing ourselves to improve our knowledge of our markets and to better ourselves personally

Building relationships– no one wants to feel like just a number. We want to truly understand your challenges in order to provide the best service we possibly can.

Putting the customer first – You only trust someone who has your best interests at heart. We will always put our customers first, meaning, we will tell you that a job isn’t the right fit for you or if we think you are best placed to stay in your current role.  We also don’t take on vacancies that we believe we aren’t the right fit to fill.

Our trust starts with our people and our own empowerment of them. We are very selective about who joins the team, we assess everyone against our core values and ensure they have a customer first mentality. This is vital as how we will achieve our vision is through our mission – by being obsessed with providing the best customer experience. The experienced teams we have at DataX always put the customer first at every step.