Inside Data Centre Podcast

My name is Andy Davis and I am the host of the Inside Data Centre Podcast. On this podcast I will interview the people working in the data centre sector across the globe and tell their stories.. How did they first enter the sector? How have they developed their career? What are the challenges faced by the industry as it rapidly expands? What advice can they give others looking to work in the sector? If you work in the data centre sector, or you want to work in the sector, then this is the podcast for you.

Doug Loewe, CEO Kao Data: Data Centres engineered for AI

Fraser Anderson & Lewis Cobb: Kick for a cause. Networking through football

Phill Lawson-Shanks, CIO Aligned Data Centers: Cooling for the future of data centers

George Rockett, Founder DCD: The Future of Digital Infrastructure

Zahl Limbuwala, Operating Partner DTCP / Chairman Maincubes: Investment in Data Centres

Andy Davis & Paul Hammer – Data Centre Club Nights: Time to empower the community

John Shingler, Executive Vice President at T5: The Data Center lifecycle

Stijn Grove, Chairman Kickstart Europe: Kickstarting the 2024 conference programme

Mark Bjornsgaard CEO & Founder Deep Green Technologies: What do you get if you cross a data centre and a swimming pool?

Damien Wells & Ambrose McNevin: Public perception of the data centre sector

Svante Horn, CEO & Co-Founder Scandinavian Data Centers: ‘Power is a privilege, not a right’

Ben Crowe, Associate Director Sales, Colo & Cloud, ANZ, at Vertiv: Data Centers in Australia & New Zealand

Brian Green, EVP of Operations, Engineering & Project Management at Edgeconnex: Customers. People. Planet

Henry Sutton, Founder at GDCA: Touchdown Middle East

Chris Baxter, CRO, & David West, CFO, at Apto: Designed for you. Built to scale.

GeN+1: Networking for the future generation of the data centre sector

A UTC SPECIAL: Inside UTC Heathrow – Educating the future data centre engineers

Joseph McCracken, Project Director Gleeds: Changing the perception of the data centre sector

Michael Kokal, CEO Kodis: The delivery chain in Data Centers

Ivo Brook & Michelle Irwin, Hanson Wade: Advancing Data Center Construction

Jeff Barber, Vice President, Global Data Center Sales Bloom Energy: How do we solve the power challenge?

Jane Hsieh, Senior Director of Sales at Aligned Data Centers: ‘We need to be intentional’

Colby Cox, Managing Director Americas, DC Byte: Data Center Market Intelligence

Chris Thompson & Liss Boot-Handford, Broadgroup: Datacloud, bringing the sector together

Sean Graham, Research Director IT Datacenters IDC: Balancing demand and responsibility

Celina Berglund, She-E-O Brogav Solutions: Life as a She-E-O in the Data Center sector

Joe Mady, CEO at DCT: Digital Construction in Data Centers

Bill Kleyman, Neu.Ro. Generative AI: What is all the fuss about?

Jurg Van Vliet, CEO & Co-Founder Aknostic: Life in the cloud

Ed Ansett, Chairman i3 Solutions: The evolution of data centre design

Sam Prudhomme, President at Instor Solutions: What is the consumer willing to accept?

Nick Ewing, Managing Director at EfficiencyIT: Always focus on value.

Ronald Philip, Agility – Data Centers in the Middle East & Africa

Michael Morey, President & CEO Bluebird Networks: Connectivity is changing lives.

Judy Gosnell, HR Director Telehouse Europe: Upskilling and retaining the data centre workforce

Neal Elinski, General Manager Software Engineering Cologix: A Data Center Ecosystem

Walt Coulston, Founder & CEO GreenSquareDC: AI Ready Sustainable Data Centers

Scott Smyth, Founder & Group CEO Soben: Empower your people to achieve amazing results

Ian Evans & Michael Wagner, Co-Founders Metify: Mojo Platform, Server Provisioning & Maintenance…Simplify’d.

Waleed Zafar, Mission Critical Director, XYZ Reality: Improving data centre construction.

Paul Hammer, Uptime Punks: Making a difference through podcasts

Matt Seaton & Matthew Butt, Netwise: From bedroom to Bermondsey. A data centre growth story.

Luke Kipfer, VP Data Center Development & Construction: PowerHouse Data Centers

Rich Kenny, MD at Interact: Configuration is King

Andrew Fettes-Brown, Partner at RLB: Data Centres in the EMEA region

Henry Sutton, Founder GDCA: Data Centres in the Gulf region

Ben Palmer, DataX Connect: Recruiting in the EMEA region

Carrie Goetz, Jumpstart your career in Data Centers

Kimberly Marreros, Business Program Manager at Microsoft: The value of internships

Alan Roche, Data Center Commissioning Market Lead at HDR: ‘It’s got to be right’.

Jim Hart, CEO Business Critical Solutions: Taking your organisation to the next level

Eric Jacobs, Chief Revenue Officer, Aligned Data Centers: Staying ahead of demand

Andy Davis, Director DataX Connect: The inside view of the podcast

Matt Roche, CEO Rebelleon: Burn Out

Rob Pfleging, CEO Nautilus Data Technologies: Breaking news from Nautilus

Joao Marques Lima, The Tech Capital: The latest Data Centre news and trends

Philip Low, Chairman Platform Markets Group: Platform Antibes

Philip Low, Chairman Platform Markets Group: Platform Antibes

James Rix & John Booth: Talking Sustainability in Data Centres

Laura Allwood, Trainee Project Manager Arcadis: It is time to break the stereotypes.

Afonso Salema, CEO Start Campus: Building the future with Sines 4.0

James Murphy, MD (APAC) DC Byte: Where is hot in the APAC region?

Braham Singh, CEO BDX Data Centers: We have a sense of responsibility

Adelle Desouza, HireHigher: We need to appreciate the value of diverse talent

Jon Pettitt, Excool: Keeping Data Centres cool

Mark Thiele, co-founder Edgevana: Decentralization of Data Centres

Tony Grayson, Compass Quantum: ‘It is four walls and a roof’..

James Rix, Arcadis: Every email is 18 grams of carbon

Lee Smith, Data Center Consultant: From South Africa to Northern Virginia.

Andy Connor, Channel Director EMEA Subzero Engineering: A data driven approach to data centre efficiency

Rhonda Ascierto, VP Research Uptime Institute: Data Center Career Pathfinder

Paul Finch, Chief Operating Officer Kao Data: Developing a Data Centre Platform

Richard Dent, Sector Lead DataX Connect: Recruiting in the APAC region.

Arun Shenoy, CMO & SVP Global Sales, Serverfarm: What was your inspiration?

Tony Day, Data Centre Consultant: The changing face of the data centre sector

Adam Bradshaw, Commercial Director Serverchoice: 100% Uptime data centres

Stephen Scott, CEO Datalec Precision Installations: In pursuit of perfection.

Ricardo Pariente & Matias Menichetti, Hyphen: Data Centre architects in Spain and Latin America

Sunita Bottse, CEO SUPERNAP Thailand: The most advanced data center in Thailand

Focussing on SpaceDC: The latest updates from SpaceDC

Business Critical Solutions: Apprenticeships in the Data Centre sector.

Jon Eaves, Founder & CEO, Edge Centres: The World’s only Off-Grid Data Centres

Amy Young, Sales Director, Custodian Data Centres: Data Centres & Diversity

Dan Pointon, Group CTO STT GDC: One of the fastest growing data centre providers

James Veness, Chief Customer Officer, Hickory Data Centres: Digital Infrastructure in Australia

John Booth, Carbon3IT Ltd: What is sustainability?

Andrew Stevens, President & CEO CNet Training – Leaving a legacy to the data centre sector

Patrick Quirk, CTO Nautilus Data Technologies: Changing the Data Center environment

The Digital Futures Programme

Vlad-Gabriel Anghel, DCPRO Training: Developing the future generation of data centre talent.

Chad Harris, Whinstone Data Centers: Building a 700MW Bitcoin Mining Data Center

Joshua Au: Keeping the Digital Heart Pumping.

Mike West, Digital Infrastructure Advisors Ltd: How secure is your data centre?

Angel Say, Resolve: Virtual Reality in Data Centres

Jim Hart, BCS: Technology & Power: The Energy Conundrum

Greg Hayden, Ethos Engineering: Going for Growth

Martin Murphy, AMS Helix: It’s the coolest sector in the world

Emma Cordiner, Conexus: Data Centre Site Selection.

Jon Falker, Prime Data Centers: Developing a $1bn Data Center Campus

Scott McCarry: From Dunfermline to Dubai. Data Centres in the Middle East.