A UTC SPECIAL: Inside UTC Heathrow – Educating the future data centre engineers

In this episode I interview some of the leaders, students, and sponsors of the UTC Heathrow Digital Futures Programme. An education programme developed to help manage the skills challenge in the data centre sector.

Firstly I speak with the programme leaders. They share why the programme is so important, what the programme offers to the students, and why it is so important that programmes like this are part of the education system.

I then speak with some of the students who share their experiencing of being part of the programme. They share how the learning differs from standard education, why they decided to follow this route, and what they hope to achieve in the future.

Finally I speak with two of the sponsors of the programme. They share their experiences of being a partner and why it is so important to their organisations to give back to the sector.

The passion of all involved is contagious, and this programme is a great example of how collaboration can make a huge difference to young peoples lives.

Learn more about the programme here – https://www.heathrow-utc.org/employers/digital-futures-programme/

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