Afonso Salema, CEO Start Campus: Building the future with Sines 4.0

In this episode I am joined by Afonso Salema, CEO of Start Campus. Afonso is leading the organisation building one of the largest data centre campuses in Europe, Sines 4.0.

Afonso outlines how he has progressed his career and why he decided to enter the world of data centres. Afonso also shares his views on how the sector will develop over the coming years.

We then discuss Start Campus and Sines 4.0. Afonso shares why he compares the Sines story to that of Ashburn Virginia, and why the location is such an important geography in global connectivity. Afonso provides an insight to the scale of Sines 4.0 and the impact the project has had on the local community.

Finally we look to the future for Start Campus and also the data centre sector.

Learn more about Start Campus here – https://www.startcampus.pt/

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