Business Critical Solutions: Apprenticeships in the Data Centre sector.

In this episode I am joined by James Carmillet, Imogen Paton, and Dan Sheehan from Business Critical Solutions. We discuss the importance of apprenticeship schemes in the data centre sector.

James outlines why BCS made the decision to invest in an apprenticeship scheme and how it has benefited them as an organisation. James outlines the process from how they find the candidates for the scheme to how they select who joins the scheme.

We then speak with Imogen and Dan who are both currently working for BCS on the apprenticeship scheme. They outline how they found the position and how they found the process, how they have benefited from learning on the job, and their advice to others looking to follow the same path.

Finally we touch on how the sector can attract more young people to the world of data centres and how we can all improve the overall exposure of the sector.

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