Chad Harris, Whinstone Data Centers: Building a 700MW Bitcoin Mining Data Center

In this episode I am joined by Chad Harris, CEO of Whinstone Data Centers. Chad leads the team building North Americas single largest Bitcoin mining and hosting data center, based in Rockdale Texas.

Chad is a serial entrepreneur and we discuss how his extensive career in business resulted in the creation of Whinstone Data Centers. Chad also shares some insight on why entrepreneurs have that innate drive to be successful.

We then cover Whinstone Data Centres, how they were created, what they do, why the facility is different from a standard data centre, and how the company has evolved since they were acquired by Riot Blockchain. You can hear the passion in Chad’s voice when he talks about the company, there is no doubt big things are on the horizon for Riot Whinstone!

Finally we talk about the impact the facility has had on the wider community. Chad shares some stories of some of the amazing work they have done to improve the life of everyone within Rockdale.

You will enjoy this one, it is a great episode!

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