Chris Thompson & Liss Boot-Handford, Broadgroup: Datacloud, bringing the sector together

On this episode I am joined by Chris Thomson and Liss Boot-Handford from Broadgroup, the team behind the industry leading events, Datacloud.

Chris & Liss give us an insight to Datacloud – the foundations of the event, where we can see them next, some of the amazing initiatives being introduced to the events, and the future of events in the data centre sector.

Chris shares an update on Datacloud Global Congress, the flagship event of the series. 2024 will see the event move from Monaco to Cannes which creates some amazing opportunities to expand the event offering.

We cover Datacloud USA that is taking place in Austin, Texas, on the 11th-12th September. Liss shares some of the key topics on the agenda being covered by an industry leading group of speakers.

We also cover Datacloud ESG Summit that takes place in Oslo (Norway) on 26th and 27th September. An ever increasingly important subject that now has it’s own place on the Datacloud calendar.

Events are an amazing way to bring the sector together, and as the sector grows, so does the event offering.

Datacloud USA –  https://events.broad-group.com/event/f47ff04e-2b5b-411e-b4b3-bf82db205ffd/summary

Datacloud ESG Summit – https://events.broad-group.com/event/5373b520-a123-4f9e-90d0-f80d97e842de/summar

Datacloud Global Congress – https://events.broad-group.com/event/ec18a816-a86e-4ef4-9f10-89f573a45360/summary

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