Damien Wells & Ambrose McNevin: Public perception of the data centre sector

In this episode I am joined by Damien Wells of Spa Communications, and Ambrose McNevin of Tech Marketing Content. We discuss how public perception is evolving as the data centre sector becomes more main stream.

Damian & Ambrose share how they started their careers in the data centre sector, and how the sector has evolved throughout their careers.

We then discuss public perception, and how this is being impacted by the growth of the sector. Damien & Ambrose share their views on why public perception is changing, how the data centre sector can work with the media, and why the sector is not very good at sharing it’s story.

Finally Damien & Ambrose share their views on the sector, and offer some advice for anyone looking to develop a career in the world of data centres.

Spa Communications – https://spacomms.com/

Tech Marketing Content – https://techmarketingcontent.com/

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