David Liggitt, DataCenter Hawk: An inside view of the Data Center sector

In this episode I am joined by David Liggitt, CEO & Founder of DataCenter Hawk. David offers a great insight into the current trends of the sector and what he is hearing from his own conversations with leaders in the industry.

We discuss how David started his career in the data centre sector and how he took DataCenter Hawk from an idea to a reality.

We then cover what DataCenter Hawk offers to the industry and why data is so important when making high value decisions. We also talk about the importance of content to the company and how they have become a leader in the data centre content space.

Finally we talk about the key trends in the sector, the changing geography of developments, and the future of the industry as a whole.

Not many people have such a holistic insight into the sector and David gives some amazing detail on exactly where the industry is today and what we can expect in the future.

Check out DataCenter Hawk here – https://www.datacenterhawk.com/

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