Ed Galvin – Providing the Data in Data Centres

In this episode I am joined by Ed Galvin, CEO of DC Byte. Ed has a background in data centre real estate and a gap in the market resulted in Ed creating the Data Centre Analytical platform, DC Byte.

We discuss how Ed was once planning on training as a chef but opted for studying theology at university and then an MA in property at Cass Business School. After starting his career in the commercial property market Ed then made the move to CBRE and entered the world of data centres. After seeing a gap in the market for a more consultative approve Ed established an advisory consultancy and then went on to create and launch the analytics platform DC Byte.

We then discuss DC Byte and how the platform has changed the face of data centre research and analytics. We discuss the trends in the market, such as the geography of new developments, FLAP or FLAD, sustainability and power demand.

We even touch on Starlink and how advances in technology will influence the data centre market in the future.

Ed has a great holistic view of the industry and is clearly passionate about the sector. It is great listen!

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