Greg Hayden, Ethos Engineering: Going for Growth

In this episode I am joined by Greg Hayden, CEO of Ethos Engineering based in Dublin, Ireland. Greg shares a great insight on two initiatives recently implemented by Ethos Engineering and also offers his views on a number of key topics in the data centre sector.

Greg started his career as a trainee engineer and he has worked his way up to a CEO of a highly successful European design consultancy. We discuss how Greg got to where he is today and also what advice he would give to anyone looking to make a similar career journey.

We then discuss ‘Engineering Wow’ and ‘Going for Growth’, two great initiatives recently launched by Ethos Engineering. Greg outlines what ‘engineering wow’ means to Ethos and why innovation is such an important element of the initiative.

‘Going for Growth’ has the ambitious target of doubling revenue and creating 150 jobs by 2025. We discuss how Ethos will achieve these targets and the importance of retention, attraction and learning & development.

Greg paints a great picture of Ethos Engineering and it is certainly a company that puts its employees at its core. It feels like the next stage of their journey is only just beginning..

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