Guy Willner – Educated risk taking in emerging markets

In this episode I am joined by Guy Willner, CEO and Chairman of IXcellerate and IXAfrica. Guy has had an amazing career in the data centre industry having developed a number of DC organisations across various regions.

An interest in cars and engineering resulted in Guy taking a degree in engineering in the UK and following a few years of working in Cable TV Guy established IXEurope with a business partner. After securing major funding they went on to develop a highly successful data centre organisation that was acquired by Equinix. Guy then went on to hold senior roles within Equinix, Teraco, and various other data centre organisations.

After an opportunity presented itself Guy established IXcellerate in Russia which is now the 2nd largest data centre platform in Russia. We discuss the challenges of developing a company in Russia and the future plans for the company.

We also discuss the challenges faced by the industry today and how we can manage these challenges as the industry rapidly expands.

If you want to know what it is like to establish a data centre organisation then this is a must listen!

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