Ivo Brook & Michelle Irwin, Hanson Wade: Advancing Data Center Construction

On this episode I am joined by Ivo Brook and Michelle Irwin from Hanson Wade. We discuss the event ‘Advancing Data Center Construction’ and the key topics that are on this years agenda.

You can secure a discount on the event ticket with the below code.

Discount code: IDC10 (10% off registration)

Tracked link to event guide: https://ter.li/gg8ruz

Tracked link to register page: https://ter.li/xxrbo3

Ivo and Michelle share an overview of the event, they talk about how this event differs from others on the calendar, some of the key topics on the agenda, and an insight to the amazing speakers in attendance.

Advancing Data Centre Construction takes place on November 6 – 8 at Overland Park, Kansas City.


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