Jon Eaves, Founder & CEO, Edge Centres: The World’s only Off-Grid Data Centres

In this episode I am joined by Jon Eaves, Founder & CEO of Edge Centres based in Australia. Jon gives a great insight to the Edge Data Centre sector.

Jon explains how he started his career and how he has progressed to establishing his own Edge Data Centre platform across Australia.

Edge Centres are a rapidly expanding edge data centre platform that has seen significant growth within their first 12 months. Jon explains how they have been able to expand so quickly and why they have targeted specific locations in Australia, and soon to be Asia.

Finally we discuss the Edge data centre sector and how Edge will evolve in the coming years. Jon shares his views on what Edge actually means and why it will form a critical part of digital infrastructure for many years to come.

Jon is very passionate about the data centre sector and he offers some great advice on how you can develop a successful career.

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