Jon Falker, Prime Data Centers: Developing a $1bn Data Center Campus

In this episode I am joined by Jon Falker, Marketing Director at Prime Data Centers based in California.  Amongst other topics we discuss the recently announced $1bn Data Center campus in Elk Grove, Chicago.

Jon studied marketing at university before he started his career in marketing. We discuss why he followed a career in marketing and how his career has ended up working in the data center sector. Jon has worked in a number of fast-growth organisations and he gives his advice on how to best operate within a rapid growth organisation.

We discuss the importance of marketing in modern business and what the data centre sector needs to do to ensure that the sector is sharing the good news as well as responding to negative articles in the media.

Finally we cover Prime Data Centers and specifically the recent announcement of a major new data center campus in Elk Grove, Chicago. We discuss why the decision was made to develop in this region and how they are focussed on developing a highly sustainable campus.

Jon offers a great insight to marketing in the data center sector, and also to Prime Data Centers who are definitely an organisation to watch over the coming years.

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