Jon Healy – From Graduate Electrical Engineer to Operations Director of a Data Centre Specialist

In this episode I am joined by Jon Healy, Operations Director of Keysource. Jon graduated in electrical engineering and joined Keysource straight from university. Over 15 years he has progressed from engineer to director and is now responsible for driving and developing the company.  We discuss how having exposure to a number of roles in the company has helped develop a rounded view of the industry and  how you need to take the opportunities that present themselves when looking to develop your career.

We then discuss the Keysource state of industry report and how 2020 has reshaped the data centre industry. We discuss the drivers for growth in the industry, the challenges faced as it expands, and how the industry will be shaped in 2021 and beyond.

Jon is a great example of how you can develop your career within one organisation and he has an excellent view of the UK and European data centre market. Enjoy!

You can view the report here

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