Mark Bjornsgaard CEO & Founder Deep Green Technologies: What do you get if you cross a data centre and a swimming pool?

On this episode I am joined by Mark Bjornsgaard, CEO & Founder of Deep Green Technologies. Deep Green are on a mission to recapture the heat your compute generates and repurposes it for social good, for free.

We discuss Mark’s career and how he first became aware of the opportunity to recapture compute heat and repurpose it for social good.

We then discuss Deep Green Technologies. Deep Green hit the media headlines in 2023 when they announced they were working with a swimming pool in Exmouth (UK) to utilise waste heat to heat the pool. In January this year they announced investment from Octopus Energy that will help fast track the organisation to the next level.

Mark shares the reasons behind Deep Green and how data centres can be the solution to the energy crisis.

Deep Green Technologies is a company that will make waves over the next 12-24 months…

Learn more about Deep Green Technologies here – https://deepgreen.energy/

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