Martin Murphy, AMS Helix: It’s the coolest sector in the world

In this episode I am joined by Martin Murphy,  Co-Founder and Partner at AMS Helix. Martin has had a highly successful career in data centres and he provides an excellent insight to the industry.

Martin shares how he started his career in the data centre sector and how he worked his way to the COO of one of the worlds largest data centre real estate organisations. Martin then offers his views on how to develop your career to a senior leadership position.

We then discuss why Martin recently made the decision to start AMS Helix and what he believes they can offer the sector. We discuss how the sector needs further innovation to ensure it can sustain the long term growth.

Finally we touch on talent in the sector and how we all need to work harder to attract the data centre workforce of tomorrow!

Martin is very passionate about the data centre sector and he offers some excellent advice to anyone looking to develop a career in the industry.

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