Matt Roche, CEO Rebelleon: Burn Out

In this episode I am joined by Matt Roche, CEO at Rebelleon and Chairman at Rise Futures. We discuss Matt’s career in the sector and also the importance of looking after your mental health.

Matt didn’t follow the conventional route into data centres. He outlines the importance of mentors and how they helped shape his career.

We then discuss Rebelleon and Rise Futures. Matt shares how Rebelleon is driving climate action and impacting local communities. Matt also outlines how Rise Futures is helping to shape young peoples future careers.

Finally we discuss mental health and Matt’s own journey. Matt offers a very honest review of his experiences and shares some great advice on how we can all look after our own mental health.

Rebelleon – https://www.rebelleon.co.uk/

Rise Futures – https://www.risefutures.org/

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