Nick Ewing, Managing Director at EfficiencyIT: Always focus on value.

In this weeks episode I am joined by Nick Ewing, Managing Director at EfficiencyIT. Nick is on a mission to challenge the status quo of what is achievable and what is acceptable within the data center sector.

First we discuss Nick’s career and how he made the move to  the data centre sector. Nick shares how the sector has changed throughout his career, and his learnings throughout his journey.

We then discuss EfficiencyIT and the importance of organisations focussing on improving efficiency within a data centre. Nick shares his experience of challenges within legacy data centres, the impact efficiency has on ESG, and some of the organisations work with Wellcome Sanger Institute.

We also discuss how modular data centres have evolved, and where Nick sees this aspect of the sector going over the next few years.

Nick is very passionate about the data centre sector and offers some excellent value on how we can improve efficiency, and also make it a better sector to work within.

Learn more about efficiencyIT here – https://efficiencyit.com/

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