Ronald Philip, Agility – Data Centers in the Middle East & Africa

In this episode I am joined by Ronald Philip, Senior Director Strategic Planning at Agility. Ronald shares a great insight to the data center market in the Middle East and Africa region, as well as providing an update on Agility’s recent data center campus site announcements.

First we discuss Ronald’s career and how he made the progression to working in the data center sector.

We then discuss the recent announcement by Agility to develop data center campus sites in the Middle East & Africa regions. Ronald outlines the locations of the sites, why these locations were identified,  the strategy around the developments, and the types of customers attracted to these sites.

Finally we discuss the Middle East & Africa regions: how they are developing as data center markets, and why connectivity is so important to the people living across the region.

This is a great insight to the rapidly changing markets of the Middle East & Africa.

Learn more about Agility here – https://www.agility.com/en/logistics-parks/data-center-campuses/

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