Simon Ford – CyrusOne: The importance of adapting to change

In this episode I am joined by Simon Ford – AVP EMEA at CyrusOne. We discuss Simon’s career and how CyrusOne have adapted to the rapid growth and changing demands within the data centre sector.

Simon studied Minerals Estate Management at university before starting a career in the oil & gas sector. As a result of a downturn in the oil industry Simon moved into networks and the data centre sector.

We discuss how the data centre sector has evolved during Simon’s career and why data centre real estate differs from commercial real estate.

We then cover a number of key topics in the industry, including the changing demands created by covid, how CyrusOne have adapted to meet the increased demand, how cloud has impacted the sector, and what the future looks like for the world of data centres.

Simon has a great insight into the changing demands of customers within the data centre sector and he shares some excellent advice on how others can develop a successful career in the sector.

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