Vlad-Gabriel Anghel, DCPRO Training: Developing the future generation of data centre talent.

On this weeks episode I am joined by Vlad-Gabriel Anghel, Head of Product at DCPro Training. Vlad gives a great insight to the importance of training within the data centre sector.

Firstly we discuss Vlad’s career and how an interest in gaming and computers resulted in him studying computer science at university. Rather than following the normal route into software Vlad followed his passions and ended up in the world of data centres at DC Pro.

We then discuss training in the data centre sector. What training is available, how it is continuously evolving, why companies are now putting a much greater emphasis on training, and what the future looks like from a training perspective.

Finally we discuss the general perception of the data centre sector and what we can all do to increase the flow of talent joining the industry.

Vlad is very passionate about data centres and he has some excellent ideas on how we can manage the current challenges faced by the sector.

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