Waleed Zafar, Mission Critical Director, XYZ Reality: Improving data centre construction.

On this episode I am joined by Waleed Zafar, Mission Critical Director at XYZ Reality. XYZ are on a mission to revolutionize data centre construction through the use of Augmented Reality.

First we discuss Waleed’s career and how a chance encounter changed the direction of his whole career. We also discuss how Waleed found the transition to data centre sector.

We then discuss XYZ Reality. Waleed shares an insight to the organisation and how they have achieved their rapid growth over the last few years. Waleed shares an insight to how Augmented Reality is changing data centre construction and the significant benefits of using the technology: ‘build it right, first time’.

Finally we discuss what other technologies will impact the sector in the future, and how technology can help with the ongoing talent challenge.

XYZ are a great organisation that has genuinely changed the way data centres are built.

Learn more about XYZ here – https://www.xyzreality.com/

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