Zahl Limbuwala, Operating Partner DTCP / Chairman Maincubes: Investment in Data Centres

On this episode I am joined by Zahl Limbuwala, Operating Partner DTCP / Chairman Maincubes. We discuss Zahl’s career in the sector, investment in the data centre space, and the growth of Maincubes.

Zahl has extensive experience in the data center sector and therefore has a great insight to how the sector has developed. Zahl shares his views on what have been the biggest developments and how the sector will continue to evolve.

We then discuss the recent investment in Maincubes by DTCP. Zahl shares his views on the German data centre market and outlines why this region continues to see significant investment and development. We also discuss the impact AI has had on the data centre market.

Finally Zahl offers his views on the challenges faced by the sector in 2024, and some advice to anyone looking to develop a career in the world of data centers.

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