Josh Jones

Senior Recruitment Consultant - Commissioning & QA/QC

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Telephone 07458143076


I specialise in recruiting freelance Commissioning & QA/QC professionals into the Hi-Tech industry – we classify these projects in any of the Data Centre, Life Sciences, Manufacturing or Semiconductor sectors. We are working with leading businesses across Europe to supply the best talent through innovative and collaborative solutions.


Travel and experiences are my true passion in life. When I’m not in the office, I can be found travelling to new places around the world, utilising our unlimited annual leave at Highfield. Unfortunately, I can’t be on 12 month sabbatical year round so when I’m home I spend most of my time at the local CrossFit gym where I continue to develop my unimpressive skills (How do you know someone does CrossFit? They tell you…). Asides from this, I like to keep active in other ways including Cycling, Running, Hiking, Rock-climbing and paddleboarding.  

Continuing the theme of being outdoors, as a family, we get away throughout the year in our VW Camper which is our pride and joy and brings weeks of fun – next year I’m hoping to get to France and complete a road trip around the wine regions!  

Recruitment at Highfield gives us all access to this flexible lifestyle and it’s only do-able because of the relationships we have with our valued clients and I make sure that before doing any of the above, they are serviced and all their needs are tended to.  

My current roles

“Josh is invested in our vision to build a performing team. If he is not clear about our requirement, he quickly clarifies to deliver the best service.” Project Director


“Josh has been a great help throughout the process following straight up on any actions we discussed. This role was the perfect fit for me and is the ideal next step I was looking for.” Project Manager