Molly Brown

Lead Consultant

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Telephone +1 3475034101


I am a niche recruitment professional who has 4 years of technical recruitment experience. I specialize in sourcing Project Managers for Mission Critical Sectors across the US.

I have excellent interpersonal skills developed through building strong relationships with market-leading clients and high-quality candidates. Skilled in full-cycle recruitment, account management and internal mentoring.


Outside of work, I like to keep active, socialise with friends and travel to new places. I’m a keen gym goer, swimmer and attempt to play a bit of tennis too!

A typical weekend for me involves going to the gym and then going out to either a bar or a nice restaurant with friends. I love having a balance of fitness and well-being as well as enjoying life through socialising and eating good food.

I enjoy travelling to new countries and exploring new cultures. I grew up in the Middle East, so from the get-go I was exposed to different cultures and religions. Some of the places I have been to are South Africa, Thailand, Bulgaria, Ibiza and Oman.

The work-life balance at Highfield is brilliant. The whole company recognises that well-being and work-life balance are equally as important to working hard and providing an excellent service to clients and candidates. Highfield’s exceptional ethos and culture make achieving all of this possible.

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