Amber Villegas-Williamson – I’m an engineer get me out of here!

In this episode I am joined by Amber Villegas-Williamson, Technical Consultant at Uptime Institute. Amber is an experienced data centre engineer who has an excellent insight into the industry and some great ideas on how we can attract new talent to join us in the data centre sector.

We discuss how Amber developed her interest in engineering during school and how a teacher suggested to head down the engineering route in further education. Amber studied electrical engineering at college and university and has now developed a successful career in data centres.

We then discuss what Uptime Institute is and the importance of the organisation within the data centre sector.

Finally we discuss the various challenges around attracting new talent and how events like ‘I’m an engineer get me out of here’ can positively impact the sector. Amber shares insights on  how we can look to other sectors for ideas around diversity and attraction, the importance of collaboration, and her work as a STEM mentor.

Amber has some excellent views on the industry and this episode is a must listen for anyone looking at implementing new talent strategies.

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