Andrew Schaap – Aligned. Data Centers are in our DNA

In this weeks episode I am joined by Andrew Schaap, CEO at Aligned. Andrew has had a highly successful career in the data center industry and he is now the leader of one of the most exciting and cutting edge infrastructure technology organisations in the US.

We discuss how Andrew started his career in real estate and how a hiring freeze resulted in him starting his own software company. We then discuss how Andrew entered the data center industry and how he developed a highly successful career within Digital Realty before making the move to Aligned.

Finally we discuss Aligned and the great work they are doing in the industry. We discuss the technology solutions they have introduced, the focus on scalability and sustainability, the Aligned DNA, and how people are at the centre of everything they do.

We also touch on Andrew’s role as a STEM mentor and the importance of sharing our knowledge to develop the next generation of talent within the data centre industry.

Andrew is an engaging leader who is passionate about the data center industry. It is a great listen!

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