Andy Connor, Channel Director EMEA Subzero Engineering: A data driven approach to data centre efficiency

In this episode I am joined by Andy Connor, Channel Director for EMEA at Subzero Engineering. Andy shares an insight to his career and a number of other discussion points within the data centre sector.

Firstly Andy shares how he started his career and how he progressed to working in the data centre sector. Andy then shares his views on how the sector has changed across his career and the key learnings from his experience.

Andy then discusses Subzero Engineering and how they are using a data driven approach to improving data centre efficiency. He also shares his experiences of taking a company from the US to EMEA and what advice he would share for others taking the same journey.

We also cover a number of other topics, including Africa and the Middle East, sustainability, supply chain challenges, legacy data centres, and how the future of the sector may look.

Andy offers a great insight to the sector and shares some excellent advice on how you can develop a career in the world of data centres.

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