Bill Kleyman, Neu.Ro. Generative AI: What is all the fuss about?

On this episode I am joined by Bill Kleyman and we take a deep dive into the world of generative AI.

To start Bill gives us a brief history of his career and how he found his way into the world of data centres.

Bill has a great insight to the world of Generative AI and how it will impact the data centre sector. He shares his experiences learned from Neu.Ro and some examples of where AI is already making an impact.

Finally we take a broader look at AI and how it is going to impact our every day lives. Will AI take our job? And how can we use AI to ensure we are maximising its potential?

Bill is very passionate about the world of data centres and this is an excellent insight into the amazing world of Generative AI.

Learn more about Neu.Ro here – https://neu.ro/

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