Celina Berglund, She-E-O Brogav Solutions: Life as a She-E-O in the Data Center sector

In this episode I am joined by Celina Berglund, She-E-O at Brogav Solutions. We discuss life as a female CEO in the data centre sector and how we can improve gender diversity within the sector.

Celina shares how she started her career and what led to her making the decision to start Brogav Solutions. Celina also gives an insight to what it is like as a female in a male dominated sector.

We then discuss Brogav Solutions and why Celina made the decision to start the company. Celina shares how she has grown the company and the challenges along the journey. We also cover some of the key challenges faced in the sector and how Brogav is working to address these.

Finally we talk more around diversity and what we can all do to make the sector a welcoming place for everyone.

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