Ciaran Flanagan – ISG: We need to share the good news

In this episode I am joined by Ciaran Flangan, Director at ISG Engineering Services. We discuss Ciaran’s career in the data center sector and some of the key topics in the industry today.

Ciaran studied Computer Science at University and started his career in an IT focussed position. We discuss how his career has progressed into the engineering and construction element of the sector and how his career has benefited by working in a number of regions.

We then discuss some of the key topics in the industry, including energy consumption, water usage, the importance of improving the exposure of the industry, and the ever growing talent shortage.

Ciaran has a great view of the industry and the ever changing demands of customers. He offers some excellent advice on how to develop a career in the sector and what we can all do to help the sector continue to move forward.

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