Dan Pointon, Group CTO STT GDC: One of the fastest growing data centre providers

In this episode I am joined by Dan Pointon, Group CTO at ST Telemedia Global Data Centers. Dan is a leader within one of the fastest growing data centre providers in the world and he shares a great insight to his career and how STT GDC operate at such a rapid pace.

Dan outlines how and why he started his career in electrical engineering and how his career has progressed to CTO level within an operator. Dan also offers some advice on how to make the move from a consultancy into a client side operator.

We then discuss STT and the strategy of the business. Dan explains how they maintain a unified approach across many regions, why ESG is so important to STT as a business, and the regions in which they are currently expanding.

Finally we cover the APAC region and Dan gives us some predictions for 2022.

A great insight to a rapidly expanding data centre operator.

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