Data Centre Construction Procurement & Contracts – Time to make a change.

In this episode of the Hot Topics series I am joined by Nancy Lamb, Ed Cooke and Sarah Fox. We bring together the industry experts to discuss a solution to data centre procurement and commercial contracts.

Nancy outlines the current challenges within the industry and her experience working closely with contractors and clients during the construction of major data centre facilities.  Nancy outlines the findings from a recent survey and the views of those working in the industry. Finally we discuss some solutions of how the industry can improve.

Ed discusses the current contracts used within the industry with a particular focus on the benefits of using the alliancing model and why this would be a good model for the data centre industry to utilise going forward.

Sarah demonstrates the benefits of using digital contracts and why the data centre industry needs to embrace this way of working. Sarah shatters the myth that digital contracts are simply an online form and outlines the significant benefits of using this technology.

Finally we come up with a solution for how the industry can become a leader in the use of collaborative, streamlined, digital construction contracts.

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