George Rockett, Founder DCD: The Future of Digital Infrastructure

In this episode I am joined by George Rockett, the founder of DCD. George discusses his career in the sector, how events have evolved, and how he now plans to bring together the whole of digital infrastructure with a new event: Yotta.

George shares how he started his career and how/why DCD was established. We discuss how the company has evolved and why they moved into physical events.

We then discuss how events have changed over time, how locations of events have shifted, and what attendees are now looking for when they attend industry events.

Finally we discuss Yotta, a new event taking place in Las Vegas on Oct 7-9 2024. George outlines the reasons for the new event and what he is hoping it will achieve.

Find out more about Yotta, and secure tickets here – https://www.yotta.vegas/

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