Ian Evans & Michael Wagner, Co-Founders Metify: Mojo Platform, Server Provisioning & Maintenance…Simplify’d.

In this episode I am joined by Ian Evans and Michael Wagner, Co-founders of Metify. We discuss the impact technology is having on the data center sector and how it can manage a number of key challenges currently faced by the sector.

We discuss why Metify was created and the journey from start-up to where the organisation is today. Mike and Ian share a great insight to being an entrepreneur and offer some sound advice for anyone looking to make the journey.

We cover the challenges Metify solves through the Mojo Platform and the impact this technology has had on the data centre sector. We also cover Edge and how Metify are working with Major League Baseball.

Finally we cover some of the challenges faced by the data centre sector today.

This is a great insight to how software is changing how data centres operate.


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