Jeffrey Tay, SpaceDC: The growing importance of ESG.

In this episode I am joined by Jeffrey Tay,  Executive Vice President at Space DC based in Singapore. Jeffrey provides a great insight to the APAC region and the drive to improve sustainability and ESG (Environmental, social, and governance).

Firstly we discuss how Jeffrey started his career as an engineer and entered the data centre sector. He quickly moved into a sales role and he has developed a highly successful career within strategy and development.

We then discuss SpaceDC and their growth plans within the APAC region. Jeffrey outlines the challenges around developing in emerging markets and how the region is witnessing a significant increase in activity.

Finally we discuss ESG and the impact it will have on the future of data centre development. Jeffrey is very passionate about the industry working together to ensure ESG targets are met.

This is a great listen and it provides an excellent insight to the APAC data centre region.

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