Judy Gosnell, HR Director Telehouse Europe: Upskilling and retaining the data centre workforce

In this episode I am joined by Judy Gosnell, HR Director at Telehouse Europe. Judy is very passionate about career development and how we can all help retain and attract more people to the sector.

Firstly we discuss how Judy started her career and how she made the transition to the data centre sector. Judy shares how the industry has changed during her career, and also an insight to the importance of the support staff in the data centre sector.

We then cover various aspects of staff retention and talent attraction. We discuss how we can make the sector more diverse, how we can create gender equal environments, the importance of mentors, and how development is a vital component of employee retention.

Judy is very passionate about people, and she shares some great advice on how we can make the sector a much more diverse and inclusive sector.

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