Laura Allwood, Trainee Project Manager Arcadis: It is time to break the stereotypes.

On this episode I am joined by Laura Allwood, Trainee Project Manager at Arcadis. Laura is at the start of her career in the sector and we discuss her journey to date and what more we can to attract more young people to the world of data centres.

Laura shares how she started her career in the construction / data centre sector and why she followed the apprenticeship route. We discuss why apprenticeships are such a great way to start your career, the importance of mentors, and  whether the data centre sector is as difficult to understand as it likes to believe.

We then discuss attracting a more diverse talent pool to the sector. Laura outlines why she believes the sector has more work to do and what we can all do to help attract a more diverse workforce. We also touch on what it is like to be a young female in a male dominated sector.

We need to use role models such as Laura to show young people the opportunities available in the sector.

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