Matt Pullen – CyrusOne in Europe

In this weeks episode I am joined by Matt Pullen,  EVP Managing Director for CyrusOne Europe.  After initially training as a pilot Matt has developed a highly successful career in the data center industry and has an excellent view of the European data centre region.

We discuss how Matt first trained as a pilot before re-training in real estate prior to starting his career in data centres with CBRE. Following over twenty years within CBRE Matt joined Zenium who went on to be acquired by CyrusOne. We then discuss how Matt began his role within CyrusOne and what it has been like being a leader of a major business unit within the last 12 months.

We then discuss CyrusOne’s operations in Europe taking a look at London and the FLAP(D) markets. We also discuss the emerging markets in Europe and the future plans for CyrusOne in the region.

Matt offers a great insight into the European market and the future plans of data centre development in the region.

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