Neal Elinski, General Manager Software Engineering Cologix: A Data Center Ecosystem

In this episode I am joined by Neal Elinski, General Manager Software Engineering at Cologix. Neal shares an excellent insight to the impact software and technology is having on the ever expanding data centre sector.

First we discuss how Neal started his career in software engineering and how he made the journey to the data center sector.

Then we cover Cologix and the solutions they provide to customers across North America. Neal explains the importance of their connectivity ecosystem and how this has aided their growth across the region.

We also discuss Edge and what it means for the sector, other technologies that are going to have a major impact in the coming years, and how software can help organisations to achieve ESG targets.

Finally Neal shares some great advice on how others can develop careers in the world of data centers.

Learn more about Cologix – https://cologix.com/

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