Sam Prudhomme, President at Instor Solutions: What is the consumer willing to accept?

On this episode I am joined by Sam Prudhomme, President at Instor Solutions. Sam shares a great insight to the ever changing world of data center infrastructure.

Sam started his career in construction and worked his way to specialising in the data center and mission critical sectors. He shares the importance of mentors along his journey, and why he now looks to give back to others starting a career in the sector.

We then discuss Instor, and the world of white space and data center infrastructure. Sam outlines the role Instor offer within the sector, and how they have continued to focus on what they are great at. He outlines how customer demands are changing, and the increasing focus on energy savings.

Sam also shares his views on how the sector is looking into energy, and whether the consumer will accept changes if that is what is needed to conserve more energy.

Sam is very passionate about the sector and has some great views on how the sector needs to evolve as it continues to grow.

Learn more about Instor here – https://instor.com/


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