Scott Smyth, Founder & Group CEO Soben: Empower your people to achieve amazing results

In this episode I am joined by Scott Smyth, Founder & Group CEO of Soben. Scott has grown a highly successful project management consultancy while maintaining a focus on creating an environment of employee empowerment.

First we discuss how Scott started his career in quantity surveying and his career journey. When Scott lost his job due to an economic downturn he seized the opportunity to start his own organisation, and this is when Soben was born.

Scott shares how he has grown Soben from a start-up to a truly global consultancy, and his ambitions for the future. By empowering his people, Scott has created a business that is driven to achieve excellence for their clients.

Scott provides an insight to the data centre market and what he is seeing across all regions Soben operate within.

This is a great story of how if you maintain a tunnel vision focus on company culture and your people, you will achieve great results.

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