Steve Hayward, Cyrus One: We need to ‘pull back the curtains’.

In this weeks episode I am joined by Steve Hayward, Senior Director European Operations at CyrusOne. Steve shares his insights to the the operational side of data centres and his views on how the sector can move forward in the coming years.

Steve started his career with an apprenticeship in the aviation engineering sector prior to developing a successful career in the data centre sector. Steve shares his advice on how you can transition from another sector to data centres and why the skills you gain in other sectors can be very beneficial in the world of data centres.

We also discuss the impact of covid on the operational side of the sector, the amazing job the engineers have done during this period, and what positives we can take from the effects of the pandemic.

Finally we cover the ongoing talent challenge and discuss how we can attract more people to the sector. It is time to pull back the curtains!

Steve offers some great advice on how you can develop a career in data centres and what the sector needs to do to ensure it can keep up with the growth.

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