Svante Horn, CEO & Co-Founder Scandinavian Data Centers: ‘Power is a privilege, not a right’

In this episode I am joined by Svante Horn, CEO & Co-Founder of Scandinavian Data Centers.  SDC is striving to create the world’s lowest carbon data center platform.

Svante shares how he started his career in investment banking prior to making the transition to the data center sector.

Svante then shares the story behind Scandinavian Data Centers and what the organisation is trying to achieve. We discuss the vision of the company, how they differentiate themselves, the team within the company, and what lies ahead in the future.  SDC has a focus on circularity, communities, and sustainability

Finally, Svante shares his views  of the data centre sector and offers some excellent advice for anyone starting a career in the industry.

Learn more about Scandinavian Data Centers here – https://www.scandinaviandc.se/

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