‘Thank you’ from me

Dec 29, 2023

Weekly Update! This isn’t a weekly news update, this is simply a thank you from me. As 2023 draws to a close I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you, the readers of this weekly newsletter. Without you this newsletter wouldn’t exist, or it would simply be me writing to myself..

The first newsletter was published at the start of 2022, meaning in a few weeks this newsletter will be 2 years old. In that time I have released 97 weekly updates and the subscribers has grown from zero to a massive 16,229 (as I write this).


Every time the readership hits another milestone I think that it has peaked and then before I know it we are racing towards another. 15,000 was my punchy goal for 2023, that has now been knocked out of the park. 20,000 now seems achievable?!

Every release day the newsletter is read by in excess of 5000 of you, every newsletter is achieving over 7000 reads in the first week. That doesn’t include all of those people that are sent the newsletter, and the readers on other platforms.

In 2024 I will be looking to create other mediums to share industry news, and I hope to be able to include some of you in these new developments.

Data Centre Club will become an integral part of the new developments so please join the club if you are not yet a community member. Join here.

Data Centre Club

The data centre sector never sleeps, and neither shall we…

2024 is going to be exciting… But before then, sit back, enjoy time with friends and family, eat more cheese, and be thankful for what 2023 has given us.

See you on the other side..

Have a great week!