Top tips to improve diversity & inclusion in the data centre industry..

Aug 23, 2021

I recently decided to take a look at the key learnings from my conversations on the Inside Data Centre Podcast and share them in the hope that they offer value to people in the DC sector.

Diversity and inclusion has been a topic on a number of my podcasts, and for very good reason, but what have I learnt?

Check out the below list for 7 tips on how the data centre sector can improve diversity and inclusion..

Talk about D&I – We don’t talk about these issues enough and the only way to try to solve them is to discuss with others. Be open with your colleagues about D&I and create the framework to have open discussions on the topic.

Create role models – Highlight the role models in the industry to let everyone know what can be achieved. We all rely on role models for inspiration and guidance, those people that have walked the path will have a much greater impact on the younger generation that is facing the same challenge.

Take your message to the target audience – Don’t expect people to come to you. It is imperative that you take the message to the people you want to listen. Identify your audience and go to them.

Industry collaboration – We are greater together. This isn’t a challenge one person or one company can solve. The whole industry needs to unify to ensure that diversity and inclusion is a high priority for everyone.

Provide ongoing education – Does everyone in your organisation understand the benefits of having a more diverse workforce? Do they understand that D&I is a real challenge within the sector? Make sure everyone has access to education on the topic.

Analyse your recruitment strategy – Have you provided unconscious bias training? Review your whole process from marketing through to hire. Utilise the technology available to improve your strategies and process. 

Provide the opportunities – We have to offer the opportunities in order to improve D&I. Let people into your organisation to see how you work and what the industry can offer, and then give them the opportunity to be part of your business. 

What do you think? What more can we do to enhance diversity and inclusion in the industry? It would be great to hear your views..